At Chairmaker and Friends, we can rescue those beautiful, old family pieces that you never want to part with, and we turn them into something that you love again. Keep the heritage, but make a bold new statement..

"Upcycling" can mean anything! From taking old pieces and simply giving them a new look, to truly evolving a piece of furniture and giving it an entirely new purpose, upcycling is a sure way to end up with a piece that is one of a kind.

Tuesday Transformations

Check out our blog to see some of our fun before and afters, where we detail the process in re-thinking and reviving some amazing pieces!


our work

We put care, attention to detail, and all of the knowledge from experience we've acquired into each and every piece that comes our way. Every garage sale find and roadside rescue is first repaired - and every single one is a different challenge! Sometimes we reinvent a piece for a customer, and sometimes we take the liberty to style it any way we please. Other times, we find the opportunity to restore a piece to its original style; or, update it with fresh paint and a look that the original creator may never have thought possible.

View some of our most recent work below, or visit our gallery in Vermilion to see what else we're doing!

We Love Paint Couture!

We use Paint Couture! and Glaze Couture! to refinish products. We also have their products in our gallery, and host classes for the DIY-minded.

Check out our online store for paints and products, or visit us in Vermilion!