The beautiful thing about upholstery is the flair and uniqueness that the fabric can bring to any piece. At the Chairmaker and Friends, you'll see upcycled or restored pieces with fresh fabric and new springs, or brand new pieces of furniture, custom designed, built and upholstered down to the last detail.

the process

With many upholstered pieces of furniture, replacing the fabric is typically just the beginning. More often than not, when the fabric comes off, more problems surface. At The Chairmaker and Friends, we ensure all repairs are done on the frame, and refinish it when the frame is visible. We also replace the interior portion of the upholstered areas, including padding, foam and wrap. This way, we are able to guarantee each chair for life.

Shown above is one of our favorite set of upcycled chairs to date. Check out our blog for the full process of repairing, refinishing, and reupholstering these nautical treasures.


upholstery gallery

From traditional to modern, and anywhere in between, we love giving chairs and upholstered pieces a fresh, new look. Both indoors and out, our furniture is guaranteed for life. These upholstered pieces are rebuilt top to bottom, and ready for comfort.