Tuesday Transformation: Union Jack Table

Our Transformation Tuesday project this week is another one that we can say didn’t quite go according to plan – but ended up all the better for it.

When we found this old, chewed up table, we knew we had to keep its charming yet slightly beat up characteristics. We decided to paint the base Midnight Blue right off the bat, and leave the top a different color that would display the texture and pattern of the wood.

Here’s a photo taken at the resale store:

After a coat of Arctic White on the top, and a little bit of over-sanding, we thought we just weren’t doing justice to the way the grain was laid out in its unique “pie” shape. So, what would display this X pattern best? We decided to go with a Union Jack – it lined up perfectly with the tables inlaid pattern, utilized the Midnight Blue color already on the base, and gave us a chance to show off a little more design than usual.


Love the colors? Get them here!


Choreographing the stripes and triangles required a bit of a calculated effort (and honestly, a Google image search), and several rounds of taping and painting. After stressing the top, we chose to go with a white wax over the entire table; which, in the end, is one of the elements that brought out the weathered and loved effects all over the table, and gave the carvings a chance to shine.

Another fun statement piece for our Vermilion shop, the Union Jack table has our visitors seeing what kinds of transformations they can make with paint!

We used Paint Couture paints for this project - we always love the results!