Tuesday Transformation: Upholstery Shop

As we’ve discovered time and time again, the inside of an upholstered chair can be quite a surprise! This set of chairs not only had a repair issue, but we also found that their frame was quite literally held together with three layers of old fabric.

One of these chairs seemed relatively sturdy, yet the other had the front of the frame, including the front legs, fully broken apart from the rest of the chair. While they may have seemed structurally sturdy, we removed the fabric only to find that the old layers of fabric, buried beneath the newest, were making up a large part of what held the chair together. Needless to say, these large-framed chairs were very much loved!


Once we had all of the fabric near the frame stripped and pulled away, we began the repairs by using a reverse clamp. The tightness of the many layers of fabric, along with the loss of the front legs and frame, created a situation where the sides of the upholstered frame had begun to close in on themselves. The reverse clamp allowed us to push it outwards, back to its natural shape.

Once the reverse clamp had stabilized the shape of the frame, it was time to glue! We had to reattach each side of the front frame to the existing frame, as well as the two legs (one was connected to the chair, while the other was connected to the removed part of the frame). We used a basic yellow wood glue, cleaning off the excess with a damp rag, and adding clamps where needed. Have you ever seen so many clamps in such a small area?

After the repairs were completed, these gorgeous chairs were ready for their new fabric, cushions, and seats. We replaced everything that makes up the seat, such as the foam and padding, and created all new cushions and arm covers in the customer’s gorgeous fabric choice.

What do you think of the final project? We love the fabric she chose, and can’t believe the gorgeous combination of the traditional frame with its new, upbeat pattern.