Paint Couture Products have come to Vermilion!

One of the things we’ve been most excited about lately is the new brand of paint we’ve been using: Paint Couture! 

Using this durable acrylic paint has made our lives easier with everything we use it on. Its self-leveling properties make for a truly smooth finish, and the coverage is fantastic, too. It’s all around just incredibly easy to work with, and a true time-saver with a gorgeous finish.

Paint Couture also has other items, such as crackle finish, top coats, and glazes. We’ll go into detail about more of these later – but we especially love the glazes! While we still love stressing and sanding, the glazes give us a completely different look. The unique way that glaze settles into carved details and ornamental features can certainly bring a piece back to life. They are also quite durable, and do not typically need a top coat!

See how the Black Chiffon glaze looks over British Grey and Russian Red:


So, with our love for Paint Couture products, we have decided to sell them in-house, and will soon be offering classes to locals and visitors alike! To house our new products, we found a large feature piece that was in great shape, yet incredibly dated, and decided to feature it as one of our Transformation Tuesdays! 

Here is what we started with:

Likely the height of fashion at some point, this hutch needed some serious refreshing.  All of the details were just begging for a glaze to bring out their character!

Of course, we used our new products on it, first painting it with Arctic White and following it with Van Dyke Brown Glaze, we decided to keep it simple. We’ll let the paints do the talking! 
Shown below is our newly displayed paint line, along with a few pieces that best demonstrate what Paint Couture can accomplish. It’s right in our front window – come see it in person to get the full effect!

Of course, a keen eye may notice that we haven’t put the hardware back on yet. The original hardware was incredibly dated; furthermore, it wasn’t technically a full set. We’re waiting to put on hardware until we find something that we absolutely love. When you work on your projects at home, just remember – don’t force something you don’t like, and don’t rush just to get through a project! The goal is to end up with something you love, and a process that was actually enjoyable.

      You can also buy any Paint Couture products from us online!