Tuesday Transformation: Regal Console Table

This hall table ranks as one of our favorite upcycles most recently. The detail put into the original creation of this table makes it truly beautiful, but the intricate parquetry of the top was almost lost. In refinishing this piece, it was hard to envision the top being restored to its original glory, as this would mean removing layers of colored material that had been rubbed into the surface.

Here is a partial image of the damaged surface; unfortunately, we did not think to take a picture of the table as whole.


We decided to give it new character of its own, by adding a golden gild that would be revealed only when the deep blue chalk paint was smoothed away. During the painting process, we continually avoided painting the beautiful top with its layers of damage. In the end, we decided to give saving the top one last try - and were stubbornly able to salvage it. The contrast of the soft but exquisite inlay on the top and the bold navy blue with bright gold underlay couple the old with the new in this dramatic piece.