Tuesday Transformation: Sewing Cabinet

After our "Spring Chairs" and our sunny nautical pieces, we needed a bit of a contrast for our gallery. With autumn on the horizon, we decided it was finally time to use a beautiful fabric that we had been saving for a rainy day. 

At the time, we didn’t quite have a chair that was ready to be reupholstered. We did have a sewing table that we were hoping to turn into a statement piece, and we had a local artist – so we improvised!

Here's our sewing table before:


Using the fabric as inspiration, we cleaned up the sewing table (no sanding required this time, just a little Krud Kutter Gloss-Off), and painted it in Baltic Black from Paint Couture. As far as black paints go, this one has a lovely quality as it dries. It truly lays down so smoothly, with a clean appearance, that it makes the dark color glow. 

This was one of the easier transformations, here in the store; once it was painted with Baltic Black, we simply sent it off to our local acrylic artist Karen to have her put on the finishing touches (even though we did spend a lot of time admiring the butterflies).


Check back on our blog to see what the fabric looks like when we finally put it on a chair!